Zero Electric Vehicles, Inc. (ZEV) Partners with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community to Electrify Indian Community Vehicles

The SRPMIC Department of Transportation and ZEV have conducted a complete fleet assessment, reviewing fleet operations, vehicle use cases, routes, loads and HVAC requirements. Results from the assessment will help SRPMIC define charge infrastructure, rapid charge requirements along routes and other power requirements, including the option for Solar day-time charging. The team also worked with Salt River Project (SRP) to evaluate charger power infrastructure, and other incentives to reduce installation costs. “I’m excited to be a part of a team that introduces electric vehicles to this great Community. It’s important to be part of a solution that helps reduce carbon footprint and provide clean air to breath,” said David Crownover, Director, SRPMIC, Director of Transportation. These partnerships go a long way in controlling the economics during this important transition to electrification. Post assessment, ZEV will deliver a full warranty on the new electric powertrain, along with vehicle services to support and optimize vehicle operations through a robust fleet management service. “The SRPMIC Department of Transportation is taking a mindful approach to establishing a dynamic Fleet Electrical Program,” said, Tonya Glass, SRPMIC Fleet Vehicle Specialist, “The success of DOT Electrification Program is a based collaborative effort between our internal customers, local innovators, and subject matter experts in the field of sustainability and technology. It is an exciting time to contribute to the environment sustainability of the Community.”

“ZEV is honored to be working with SRPMIC, we are at the ground level of transforming vehicle operations to eliminate all carbon emissions. We are fully committed to the Salt River Indian Community and their goals to significantly reduce carbon emissions. ZEV is excited to be working at the ground level and sees more and more commercial fleets making the move to electric”, said Jay Ennesser, ZEV SVP, Sales.

About ZEV:

Zero Electric Vehicles (ZEV) is an Arizona based Company with deep engineering roots that strives to be the worldwide leader in electrification for light and medium duty fleet vehicles. ZEV’s proprietary powertrain (batteries and drive motor) configuration and rapid conversion turnaround of existing fleet vehicles will accelerate EV adoption globally and provide customers the support infrastructure, fleet services and knowledge they need to transform fleet operations to meet sustainability goals. ZEV’s primary mission is to enable EV participation across the existing automotive and mobility ecosystem and support fleets through their electrification journey while scaling through democratized partnerships and making the ‘dream’ of EV accessible to all.


About the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community:

The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) is represented by two distinct Native American tribes; the Akimel O’odham (River People), more commonly known as the Pima and the Xalychidom Piipaash (People Who Live Toward the Water) known to many as the Maricopa; both share the same cultural values, but maintain their own unique traditions. Today, more than 10,000 individuals are enrolled Salt River tribal members.

Easily accessible off the Pima 101 Freeway, the SRPMIC is bordered by Tempe, Fountain Hills and Mesa, shares a Scottsdale address, and is just 20 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The Community owns and operates several successful enterprises including Salt River Materials Group, Scottsdale AutoShow, and Saddleback Communications and hospitality enterprises: Talking Stick Resort, Talking Stick Golf Club and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, all within the Talking Stick Entertainment District (TSED), on the western border of the Community.  The culture and the history of the people is an important story to tell and have been interwoven at many of the destination amenities through interior art, building design and landscape. 

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SOURCE Zero Electric Vehicles, Inc.


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