Otheon (オセオン, Oseon?) is a fictional country in Europe and a primary location for events in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. It neighbors another fictional country called Klayd (クレイド, Kureido?).


Otheon and Klayd are located on an island at the southwestern rim of the Celtic Sea. The island is roughly egg-shaped and slightly larger than Ireland.

Otheon is the smaller of the two nations and has a coastline towards the Bay of Biscay. The culture is heavily influenced by France, Spain and Portugal while the official language appears to be English. Otheon is member of the European Union and has the euro as its currency.

Known Residents


  • The Japanese pronunciation of Otheon closely resembles the Oseon system from Star Wars.
    • The neighboring country of Klayd also references the Star Wars planet Crait.




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